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Member Companies: QualityLogic, Inc.


QualityLogic, Inc. 


QualityLogic, Inc. 

Company Website

QualityLogic, Inc. 

Company Description

QualityLogic is a highly respected provider of testing products and outsourced quality assurance and engineering services, specializing in the development of conformance and interoperability test specifications, suites and tools. QualityLogic is a member of the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, the largest project of its kind in the U.S., and will provide interoperability testing and certification for technologies used in the Project. QualityLogic contributes to many standards development organizations, advisory councils, and alliances including GWAC, OpenSG, NIST SGIP, UCAIug, ZigBee, and others. QualityLogic is applying its proven conformance and interoperability testing and certification methodologies to the key technologies and standards that are exercised in the Smart Grid domain.

Company Type

Vendor (Software) 
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