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Member Companies: Gridata, Inc.


Gridata, Inc. 


Gridata, Inc. 

Company Website

Gridata, Inc. 

Company Description

Gridata develops emerging technologies at the edge of the grid, where the production and delivery of electric energy meets the consumer.  The consumption of energy is accompanied by increasingly detailed data about that consumption, from sensors, utilities, third parties, and consumers themselves.  Our technologies allow consumers to unlock knowledge from that data and understand the cost of their behavior, and then participate in programs that reduce those costs, including social, environmental, and financial.

Gridata capabilities include:   consulting support for standards development, data modeling, and system design and architecture;   OEM software development for third parties launching next-generation consumer products and appliances;   test harness development for emerging compliance processes;  integration of modern sensor networks to computing platforms;    and custom data management and analytics development for residential, industrial and commercial consumer applications. 

Company Type

Vendor (Software) 
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