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Member Companies: Flexibilis Oy


Flexibilis Oy 


Flexibilis Oy 

Company Website

Flexibilis Oy 

Company Description

Flexibilis Oy is a technology leader of mission critical communication solutions. Solutions provided by Flexibilis are based on industry standard technologies and protocols enabling compatibility with the past and the future. Flexibilis employs high-end technologies including extensive use of programmable hardware. Flexibilis is headquartered in Tampere, Finland. Founded in 1998, Flexibilis achieved a strong position in the Field Programmable Gate Array business with its IP products and design services. Thanks to rapid development in FPGA technology and strong R&D Flexibilis is able to expand to critical (High-availability Seamless Redundancy and Parallel Redundancy Protocol) communication and time synchronization (IEEE1588) markets with products that have performance no software-based architecture can achieve.

Company Type

Vendor (Hardware); R&D 
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