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Member Companies: Greenbird Integration Technology


Greenbird Integration Technology 


Greenbird Integration Technology 

Company Website

Greenbird Integration Technology 

Company Description

Greenbird Integration Technology (HQ: Oslo / Norway) is a software company and IT consultancy delivering:

  • Expert IT advisory and development services  - focused on Enterprise Architecture (EA), BPM, SOA, integration and middleware solutions.
  • Greenbird MeterCloud - an advanced integration solution platform for utilities focusing on Smart Grid, Smart Metering and Smart Home applications.

    Greenbird MeterCloud solves integration challenges utilities face when implementing and operating a Smart Metering and Smart Grid infrastructure, helping utilities build automated processes and totally integrated solutions to monitor and manage:
    - Interactions with (prime) contractors during planning and rollout
    - Metering and infrastructure operations
    - Meter value collection and event / alarm handling across various communication technologies
    - Dataflow and distribution of meter values, events and alarms to various subscribers such as Billing / CIS, SCADA, Network information systems, Smart Grid analysis systems, Customer Engagement Portals or external sides such as Google PowerMeter or Microsoft Hohm.

    Greenbird MeterCloud provides out-of-the-box business integration processes and portlet based monitoring dashboards supporting the whole metering value chain from AMI rollout, AMR operations, metering, customer engagement to Smart Grid applications. Greenbird MeterCloud is built on top of Greenbird Foundation, a holistic SOA integration platform delivering enterprise capabilities such as reliable realtime messaging, enterprise service bus (validation, transformation, routing), business process management, complex event processing or multi channel integration.

Company Type

Vendor (Software); Systems Integrator; Consultant 
Created at 1/20/2013 4:18 PM  by kay 
Last modified at 1/20/2013 4:26 PM  by kay