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Member Companies: Arteche





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Company Description

Arteche is an international leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of equipment and solutions in the fields of power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as in electrical applications for industry, substation and wind energy turnkey projects, power quality and substation automation. The company headquarter is located in Mungia, Spain.

Arteche Group has 65 years of history and 2,300 employees worldwide. The group is organised in four independent business units:

  • Instrument Transformers
  • Smart Grid
  • Power Quality
  • Turnkey Solutions

The portfolio of products includes instrument current and voltage transformers for indoor and outdoor service - both oil and gas insulated - in the entire voltage range up to 765 kV, high voltage optical current transformers, auxiliary relays, IEC 61850 compliant protection devices, merging units, substation control systems, low and high voltage capacitor banks, harmonic filters, line traps, substation meters, reclosers, switchgear, hydro power generation monitoring and control systems, low power distribution sensors, overhead line temperature sensors, PLC/BPL couplers, fault indicators, and other transmission and distribution equipment. Arteche also provides services for substation and renewable generation turn key projects, substation automation projects, power quality and wind park connection studies, and power line dynamic rating solutions.

Company Type

Vendor (Hardware); Vendor (Software); Systems Integrator 
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