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Member Companies: Hexing Electrical Co. Ltd


Hexing Electrical Co. Ltd 


Logo of Hexing Electrical Co. Ltd 

Company Website

Hexing Electrical Co. Ltd 

Company Description

Hexing is focused on metering products and energy management system covering transmission, distribution, C&I customers and residential customers. It is located at 1418 Moganshan Road, ShangCheng Industrial Zone, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

With more than 20 years’ rapid growth, Hexing Group brings together an experienced team of people, cutting edge technologies, and strategic partners to provide metering products, distribution equipment and solutions to more than 80 countries’ customers. We have been actively promoting international cooperation and setting up overseas joint ventures in many countries. We established manufactures in Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Brazil and Tunisia, offices in South Africa, Netherland, Peru and Bangladesh. We export production equipment and system products to our overseas partners. We have representative offices in more than 20 countries to expand the European and American markets. All these make Hexing be multi-national company for Smart Grid solutions.

In energy management system, Hexing defines the maximum benefits from a growing abundance of intelligent grid devices, outage management, substation automation, SCADA, AMI, distributed renewable energy, advanced metering, and all latest development in smart grid field. 

Company Type

Vendor (Hardware) 
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