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TECNALIA offers certification services to manufacturers that require a level A third party lab, independent and trustworthy. The IEC 61850 UCAIug accreditation complements the different accreditations hold by the TECNALIA Smart Data & Protocols Lab, from associations such as PRIME or DLMS, in the field of communication and data storage protocols. In addition, the TECNALIA Electronic Devices Lab holds ILAC accreditations for testing of devices related to the electric field, as well as recognitions from several electric utilities from Europe, South America and the Middle East for these kinds of testing.


The TECNALIA Lab_services Division merges all the labs in the company, covering the fields of electric grid, industry, pharmaceutical and digital. TECNALIA knows the importance of guaranteeing the dependability and security of devices and systems, therefore we help other companies accelerate the launching of their products and reduce the time-to-market.


Since 2011 TECNALIA is the first privately funded applied research and technological development center in Spain, and one of the leading such centers in Europe.

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