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RuggedCom, A Siemens Business, is a leading provider of rugged communications networking solutions designed for mission-critical applications. RuggedCom's products are designed for use in harsh environments normally found in electrical power substations and “Smart Grids”. RuggedCom's technology solutions include Ethernet switches, network routers, wireless devices, serial servers, media converters, software and professional services.

RuggedBackbone™ products support layer 3 Ethernet switching at port densities up to 48-ports 100FX or 24-ports GigE. Hot-swappable modules and high port densities allow utilities to easily stock spares, save space, and reduce repair times. The RuggedMAX™ family of WiMAX products is a long range, interoperable broadband wireless solution, compliant with the 802.16e standard. The utility grade form factor has been designed for the substation. Contact us at

Company Type

Vendor (Hardware) 
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