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Member Companies: SUBNET Solutions Inc.


SUBNET Solutions Inc. 


SUBNET Solutions Inc. 

Company Website

SUBNET Solutions Inc. 

Company Description

SUBNET Solutions Inc. is a global software solutions provider for electrical utilities. SUBNET focuses on Making Substations More Intelligent®. Founded in 1992, SUBNET is an industry leader providing intelligent solutions that securely connect real time electrical utility field information with utility business systems to enable Smart Grid solutions. Over 200 utilities worldwide rely on SUBNET software to safely manage and monitor thousands of substations.

Products include:
    SubSTATION Server: Advanced data concentrator and protocol converter
    SubSTATION Explorer: A feature-rich HMI for substations
    PowerSYSTEM Server: A front-end processor to collect substation data
    PowerSYSTEM Center: Centrally manage access to substation devices

Company Type

Vendor (Hardware) 
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