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UCAIug > Meetings > UCAIug 2011 Summit > UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders > Alfredo Espinosa Reza  

UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders: Alfredo Espinosa Reza


Alfredo Espinosa Reza 


Alfredo Espinosa Reza 


Alfredo Espinosa Reza 


Prof. Espinosa is the leader of the communities for “Interoperability for Smart Grid” and “Innovative technologies for Smart Grid” at the Electrical Research Institute in México and is supporting in to define the general Vision and Technology Roadmap for the Smart Grid in Mexico.  Alfredo is a Mechanic-Electric Engineer graduated with honors in the National University of Mexico in 1994. He has been working since 1995 as researcher at the Supervision Processes Department in the Electrical Research Institute in México, developing and integrating real-time information systems for electric power plants and similar industries.

He is advisor and instructor of courses for systems development based on components technology in visual platforms, using text based languages such as Visual C and Visual Basic as well as graphical languages such as LabVIEW. He has worked in projects for fossil and nuclear power plants related to real time monitoring, data acquisition, multi-platforms systems integration, and experts system for performance diagnosis, among others.  Prof. Espinosa was the project leader of the on-line simulator for decision support in distribution control centers in Mexico. The Simulator is installed in two control centers and will be installed in 4 new control centers in Mexico in 2012. Nowadays is the project leader for develop an architecture for Semantic Interoperability of the Distribution Management Systems (DMS) supported in the Common Information Model (CIM) for electric power systems in Mexico.



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