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UCAIug > Meetings > UCAIug 2011 Summit > UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders > Bobby Brown  

UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders: Bobby Brown


Bobby Brown 


Bobby Brown 


Bobby Brown 


Bobby Brown is the Director of Communication and Information Systems Security for the Smart Grid Engineering Team at EnerNex leading cybersecurity engineering and secure interoperability efforts to for converging utility infrastructure applications. Bobby is co-author of the NIST Smart Grid Interim Roadmap security and numerous other Smart Grid security whitepapers and guides. He presents on electric grid security topics at numerous conferences including GridWeek, Grid+Interop, IEEE, Metering America, and Smart Grid Security Summit. He and his team focus on assisting customers with NERC CIP compliance, policy alignment with best practices and standards, security assessments, architecture review, penetration testing and hardware security testing.

Bobby is the Project Manager for the ASAP-SG (Advanced Security Acceleration Project for Smart Grid) - a utility driven private-public collaborative focused on developing a blueprint for the development of security profiles and smart grid security profiles for AMI, Third-party Data Access, Distribution Automation and other smart grid applications.

Bobby’s team also manages the LEMNOS project, a private-public collaborative that is defining interoperable configuration profiles around security profiles including Syslog, IPsec, LDAP and SSH.

He is Vice-Chair of the UCAIug SG Security Working Group and AMI-SEC Task Force, Chair of SG Security Conformance and a contributing member of the National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization Resource (NESCOR), NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Cyber Security Working Group, ANSI, IEC TC57, and IEEE Power Engineering Society. Bobby holds an A.S. in Engineering and a B.S. in Computer Information Systems.


Open Smart Grid 

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Director of Communication and Information Systems Security for the Smart Grid Engineering Team at EnerNex  
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