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2012 Summit Presenters: Anna Geevarghese


Anna Geevarghese 






Ms. Geevarghese brings to the Siemens PTI team over 17 years of extensive and diverse experience in providing business solutions via analytical solutions for the energy industry and energy marketplace worldwide.  Ms. Geevarghese has a rigorous academic traininig, with degrees in operations research, statistics and mathematics.  She applies this training to the optimization of real world objectives in the solution of complex decision making problems in the power industry.  Her academic training is complemented by significant hands-on experience in energy industry software product management, product design, development and implementation.

Ms. Geevarghese's primary areas of expertise are production costing analysis, risk analysis and environmental analysis related to planning (generation and transmission) and operations.  She has thorough knowledge of the rules and operations of many deregulated markets and other aspects of energy production, planning, transmission, operation and risk assessment.  She has extensive experience in the analysis and modeling of the regulatory aspects of power systems.  Her most recent concentration has been the modeling of Green House Gase (GHG) regulations to analyze their impact on policy making, planning and operations; this includes development of corporate strategy for mid- to long-term planning and operations.

As Senior Manager of Engineering, she leads a software team of 25 in developing high-level industry accepted solutions for transmission planning.



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