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2012 Summit Presenters: David Bogen


David Bogen 






David Bogen started his career in the utility industry in 1981 with Texas Power and Light after graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in Electrical engineering.  David’s is current position is Manager Transmission and Distribution Services – System Modeling. David is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.

During his thirty plus years of working, David has spent most of his time doing some type of transmission network modeling. Starting with Transmission Planning and then moving into modeling for dynamic studies. When Texas Utilities decided it was time to upgrade it real-time operations systems to include advance network applications, such as State Estimation, Real-Time Contingency Analysis, and Operational Training Simulator, David was selected to develop the Transmission Network Model. Since the deployment of these advance applications into the Control Room David has also been reasonable for supporting these applications in the real-time including the development and updating of the transmission network model required by these applications.

David started studying the EPRI CIM in the early 2000s when he started to support multiple systems that required the same network model but had different data entry requirements.

In 2005 David joined the CIM User group and got involved in the annual CPSM interoperation testing and has participated in nearly all Interoperability Testing (IOP) events since then. David has also participated in the EPRI projects to extend the CIM standards to include planning and dynamic modeling.

David was Oncor’s Electric Delivery lead person in working with ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) on redesigning the electric market for the current implementation to nodal Location Marginal Pricing methodology.  One of the major activities that David was instrumental was the designing and development of the new ERCOT transmission network model which was the first large scale implementation based on the IEC standards for Common Information Modeling that includes both reliability and market modeling data modeling requirements merged into a single master database. David acted as a liaison between ERCOT, the Texas Stake Holders, the CIM Standards Committees and User groups during this development activity. The implementation of this new data management supported many changes to the CIM standards.

David also participated in the first European CIM IOP sponsored by UCTE.



Job Position

Manager – Transmission and Distribution Services – System Modeling 

Presentation Title

Lessons Learned in Centralizing Transmission Network Model Maintenance at Oncor 
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