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Vendor Tables: EPRI



Table Description

EPRI has a long and positive history with UCAInternational and the IEC standards its communities leverage. From shepherding the early growth of the CIM with its Control Center Application Programming Interface (CCAPI) work in the early 1990s to participating in the formation of UCAInternational in the early 2000s to providing sponsorship of the UCAI 61850 testing program to recent collaboration on Green Button initiatives, EPRI has long been engaged with UCAI and the standards it supports.  With membership on 4 of the IEC Working Groups responsible for CIM and 61850 standards, EPRI both represents utility interests to the standards bodies and provides a conduit back to its members for information on current standards activities.  Current work includes initiatives on Field Force Visualization, Integrated Network Model Management and Green Button.



Vendor Contact

Pat Brown 

Contact Title

Senior Project Manager 
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