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Vendor Tables: Open Grid Systems


Open Grid Systems 

Table Description

Open Grid Systems Ltd. is a consultancy and software company based in Glasgow, UK providing services to the electrical power industry focussed on model-driven software engineering, open standards and cutting-edge technologies.

We will be demonstrating Cimphony®, our a model-driven power system data management application. It supports a number of power system data formats and provides a modular, multi-platform framework for data management and power system analysis tools.

The core Cimphony modules provide model-independent services for:

  • Data Management

  • Data Validation

  •  Model-Driven Transformation

  • Graphical  Editing

  • Geographical Network Editing

We will also be giving a demonstration or our open standards-based field-crew mobile application running on Apple iOS.  This application utilizes modern consumer hardware with enterprise data to provide a powerful, affordable, standards-based mobile platform to access and update enterprise data remotely.



Vendor Contact

Alan McMorran 

Contact Title

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