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Vendor Tables: SIEMENS



Table Description

Enterprise Model Management (EMM) from Siemens PTI is a unique and proven solution designed to help streamline the modeling work flow. The EMM solution provides a common, CIM-based network modeling platform for planning and operations. Deployment of this solution helps ensure that both departments share a common data model that is reliable and current.  Productivity increases by having one common source of data, eliminating the need for redundant model maintenance. And by employing the international standard data format, CIM, EMM is able to exchange data with other organizations as well as with other software systems within the organization.  Reliability improves with better assessment of system operation limits and consistent predictions of operational conditions across all study time frames while incorporating grid reinforcements into the planning horizon.

Siemens PTI brings a comprehensive understanding and ability to analyze any type of electricity network – whether it is low-voltage or medium-voltage distribution systems for industrial or public electricity supply to the highest voltage levels for transmission systems. Our internationally renowned experts, software portfolio and education curriculum, along with our long-standing expertise, are a sound basis for developing state-of-the-art solutions of the highest reliability and efficiency for your network.



Vendor Contact

Anna Geevarghese 

Contact Title

Senior Manager of Engineering 
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