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This page shows all the libraries, lists, discussion boards, and surveys in this Web site. Click the name of a library or list to view its contents. The Recycle Bin contains deleted items. To create a new library or list, click Create.
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  Document Libraries

Anonymous Pages Anonymous Pages    1 7 days ago
IPR IPR  This Library lists IPR Disclosed to the UCAIug  0 5 years ago
Knowledge Base Knowledge Base  Use this list to write and store Knowledge Base Articles and Documents to be shared with your team  0 6 years ago
Pages Pages    26 2 weeks ago
Press Releases Press Releases  This library holds UCAIug related Press Releases  4 2 years ago
UCAIug Forums UCAIug Forums  This is a list of UCAIug Discussion Forums, if you can "see" a forum, then you can elect to OptIn/Out.  4 12 months ago
UCAIug IPR Documents UCAIug IPR Documents    2 12 months ago
UCAIug Policy Statements UCAIug Policy Statements    3 2 months ago

  Picture Libraries

Countries Represented Countries Represented    52 2 years ago
Images Images    19 2 weeks ago
LOGOS LOGOS    189 25 minutes ago
Slideshow Picture Library Slideshow Picture Library    10 12 months ago


Alert+ Configuration List Alert+ Configuration List    2 6 years ago
Announcements Announcements  Use the Announcements list to post messages on the home page of your site.  6 8 months ago
Calendar Calendar    17 6 years ago
IPR Disclosures IPR Disclosures  IPR Disclosed to UCAIug  0 4 years ago
Keywords Keywords  Use this list to manage the keywords that to tag items in your Knowledge Base  0 6 years ago
Links to Smart Grid Topics Links to Smart Grid Topics    1 6 years ago
Member Companies Member Companies    194 30 minutes ago
UCAIug News UCAIug News    61 2 months ago
UCAIug Officers UCAIug Officers  List of contacts for UCAIug Officers  3 11 months ago
UCAIug YouTube Channel UCAIug YouTube Channel  The UCAIug YouTube Channel contains postings of Recorded Webinars  7 4 years ago
WSSNavigation WSSNavigation    97 7 days ago

  Discussion Boards

Proposed UCAIug IPR Policy Proposed UCAIug IPR Policy  This discussion is to collect comments on the Proposed UCAIug IPR Policy, dated 1 June 2011  18 6 years ago
UCAIug Draft IPP Comments UCAIug Draft IPP Comments    16 6 years ago
Wiki Discussions Wiki Discussions  Discussion for the current Wiki Page  0 6 years ago


There are no surveys.

  Sites and Workspaces

Sharepoint Site About UCAIug  9 months ago
Sharepoint Site Blogs  6 years ago
Sharepoint Site CIGRE 2010 Agendas  12 months ago
Sharepoint Site CIGRE 2016 Demo  Public facing Demo page 3 years ago
Sharepoint Site CIGRE 2016 Demo  Public facing Demo Page 3 years ago
Sharepoint Site DTECH 2010  12 months ago
Sharepoint Site DTech 2011  DTech Meeting Site 12 months ago
Sharepoint Site DTECH2012  12 months ago
Recurring Meeting Workspace GBITCA  Workspace for GB ITCA team 18 months ago
Sharepoint Site Green Button ITCA  12 months ago
Sharepoint Site Interoperability Tests  9 months ago
Sharepoint Site IOP Registration  Site for to allow the Vendors, Witnesses and Sponsors to register for upcoming Interops. 13 months ago
Sharepoint Site Knowledge Base  13 months ago
Sharepoint Site Meetings  13 months ago
Sharepoint Site Search Center  5 months ago
Sharepoint Site UCA International Users Group  6 years ago
Sharepoint Site UCAIug Green Button ITCA  12 months ago
Sharepoint Site UCAIug Help Desk  Help desk for general site usage related questions, membership... 13 months ago

  Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin Recycle Bin  Use this page to restore items that you have deleted from this site, or to empty deleted items. 0