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Member Companies: Korea Testing Laboratory


Korea Testing Laboratory 


Korea Testing Laboratory 

Company Website

Korea Testing Laboratory 

Company Description

The Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) is a leading testing and certification body in  

Korea established for the purpose of improving industrial technology and global  

competitiveness. KTL has been providing support for the development of testing  

and evaluation technologies and has been helping companies obtain domestic and  

international certifications for more than 48 years.  

Manufacturers, enterprises, and industries are our faithful partners and KTL  visualizes its future through their eyes.  

On the basis of a steady infrastructure that is comprised of a streamlined  research core, reliable manpower, and an efficient organization structure  with a network system among other testing and certification bodies  around the globe, KTL is dedicated to helping our clients strengthen their  competitiveness and extend their markets.  

KTL has evolved into an internationally renowned testing and certification  body that strives to serve our clients with one-stop total services and being  equipped with capabilities that are compatible with global standards along  the way.

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