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Member Companies: Kyungnam University


Kyungnam University 


Kyungnam University 

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Kyungnam University 

Company Description

Powersystem Lab of Kyungnam University is studying Power and IT. We are interested in Distribution Automation System, Substation Automation System, and Service Oriented Architecture. In the past, we have developed a fault test algorithm classified Logical Node in substation automation system based on IEC 61850 research. And we have researched information integration technology of powersystem based on webservice. The present, we do develop Smart Distribution Management System in regard to Smart Grid. In this study, we take care of three sections that are fault section detection technology develop in interactive distribution system, outage restoration guide in interactive distribution system, and outage restoration implementation technology by P2P communication. We are interested in IEC 61970, 61968. So, we are studying IEC 61970, 61968 standard. We want to make distribution management system based on CIM and would like to integrate systems. Also, we are concerned with interoperability between IEC 61970 and IEC 61968. We should like to know harmonizing CIM and 61850.

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