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Member Companies: RWTH Aachen University


RWTH Aachen University 


RWTH Aachen University 

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RWTH Aachen University 

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In the area of simulation RWTH runs a very advanced real-time simulation lab where we have installed 8 racks of RTDS last generation (the most powerful installation in Europe at the moment). We also have an advanced PC Cluster for multiphysics simulation, and we arebdeveloping and building (in collaboration with a local spin-off company) an advanced multi-DSP modular real-time platform for simulation of distributed systems.  In our lab we have also developed a method for combined real time simulation between power networks and communication networks with the possibility to simulate network delays and packet loss in real-time.  Our interest in real-time simulation brought us also to develop original solution for Hardware in the Loop. We have designed and built a controllable power interface, called FlePS (Flexi-ble Power Systems) to close the loop of the real time simulation on real electrical hardware up to 25 kW.

Together with another institute of our Center (Institute for Energy Efficient Building and Indoor Climate, Prof. Müller) we have developed a multi-physics hardware in the loop setup that can be used to study Smart Home Energy Systems. This platform is now applied in several industrial projects as reference system to test new equipments.  In the next few months, our Real-Time lab will be connected via fiber optic links to our Medium Voltage Testing Facility where we will be able to test in Hardware in the Loop equipments up to 5 MW.

Next year our real time capability will be also included in a new Center under construction at RWTH called Center for Wind Drives where we will be able to test the drive train of real wind equipments up to 4 MW. A part from the simulation work, we are also involved in many other projects concerning Smart Grids in various areas such as Phasor Measurement Units, Distributed State Estimation, Distributed Control of Distributed Energy Resources.

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