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Member Companies: Warsaw University of Technology


Warsaw University of Technology 


Warsaw University 

Company Website


Company Description

The Institute of Electrical Power Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology has extensive experience in the research and implementation work carried out on behalf of the industrial sector. This work implements large and experienced staff. One of the areas of the works are studies on microgrids. The Institute is very active in publishing their scientific achievements. The Institute of Electrical Power Engineering conducts research work and implementation of the following, selected topics:

  • modeling and digital simulation of networks and operating conditions of power systems,
  • databases for power systems,
  • computer systems to support the use and operation of power grids,
  • optimization in power systems,
  • microgrids and distributed generation,
  • forecasting the demand for power and electricity,
  • digital protections equipment,
  • WAMS based control,
  • renewable energy sources,
  • power quality,
  • economics in electrical power engineering.

Company Type

R&D; University 
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Last modified at 8/13/2013 10:55 AM  by kay