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Member Companies: Dynamic Organics, LLC


Dynamic Organics, LLC 



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Company Description

Dynamic Organics, LLC (DO), is a smart grid integration services and software development company headquartered in Putney, Vermont and founded in 2014. DO provides smart grid software solutions for commercial businesses and utilities, with a focus on interoperable smart grid architectures. Since 2015, DO has been working with Green Mountain Power (GMP) to develop the Flexible Load Management (FLM) pilot program and demonstrate demand flexibility of grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEB’s). DO has developed a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) for GMP that uses standards-based communications protocols (OpenADR) to support automated demand response (Auto-DR) operations. DO has also developed gateway software that communicates natively with building automation systems (BAS) and industrial SCADA systems using open protocols (e.g., BACnet, Modbus).  

DO develops software and provides design consulting services for utilities in order to help implement the required information technologies to operate a smart grid. Since 2020, DO has been providing owners-independent smart grid architecture design services to the Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO), the transmission operator of the Vermont electrical grid, to help with the design and implementation of interoperable smart grid information and communication technologies. 

Company Type

Vendor (Software); Consultant 
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