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Member Companies: RTDS Technologies


RTDS Technologies 


RTDS Technologies 

Company Website

RTDS Technologies 

Company Description

RTDS Technologies is the industry standard for real time digital power system simulators used in over 30 countries world wide. We are committed to our customers and continue to lead the way with our innovative hardware, software, and support. Our commitment to quality and excellence is second to none and sets the standard for all of our products. RTDS Technologies provides a wide array of services to fit client's power system simulation needs.

  • Simulation Consulting Services
    • development of simulation cases
    • running simulations
    • compilation of simulation results
    • testing protection systems
    • testing control systems
    • providing equipment validation report
    • use of the RTDS Simulation facilities
    • development of customized simulation components

Company Type

Vendor (Hardware); Vendor (Software); Testing 
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