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UCAIug > Member Companies > Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.  

Member Companies: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. 


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. 

Company Website

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. 

Company Description

SEL is a leader in protection, control, and automation, with a complete line of products that communicate via IEC 61850. Two of many SEL projects include the world’s first energized multisupplier IEC 61850 system, the La Venta II station in Mexico, and the modernization of 30 Brazilian substations that demonstrate cost-effective IEC 61850 projects.  SEL provides communications, control, instrumentation, protective relaying, security/encryption, and automation products, systems, training, and services. Products include ultra-reliable tough computers; Ethernet switches, security gateways, and port servers; a complete line of relays for lines, apparatus, motors, generators and arc-flash protection; fiber-optic transceivers; serial encrypting transceivers; short- and long-range encrypted radio data links; fiber-optic communications backbones; annunciators; electric power meters, high-speed logic processors; programmable logic controllers and I/O modules for telemetry, remote control, and automatic control; GPS synchronized clocks; HMI and data collection software; phasor measurement units and synchrophasor collection devices; distribution automation and substation automation systems; and complete turnkey control systems, panels and enclosures.

Company Type

Vendor (Hardware); Vendor (Software); Systems Integrator 
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