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UCAIug > Meetings > UCAIug 2011 Summit > UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders > Gary Stuebing  

UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders: Gary Stuebing


Gary Stuebing 


Gary Stuebing 


Gary Stuebing 


Gary was the Director of Telecommunications at Mutual Life of Canada until 1996. In 1996 he went into private consulting. He eventually moved to Charlotte, NC and managed the Telecom group at Belk Stores Services. In 2000, he joined Duke Energy as a member of the IT Strategies and Architecture group with responsibility for IT communications and infrastructure services. During this time he was also a key member of the Mergers and Acquisitions team. In 2004 he began efforts to build a business case for “smart” Power Distribution communications. Gary has also been the lead for Powerline Communications standards and regulatory work. In 2007 Gary joined the Smart Grid PLC and Network Design team as a Strategic Planning Manager. In his current capacity he has dual responsibility a technical lead in Smart Grid field Projects as well as leading standards efforts for Smart Grid implementation at Duke Energy. Gary serves on several committees including the EPRI Ad Hoc Executive Committee, NERC Smart Grid Task Force, ANSI EV Standards Steering Committee, SEP2 Consortium of Consortium Steering Committee and the SGIP. In addition Gary serves as Vice Chair of the OpenSG Technical Subcommittee, and serves on the board of HomePlug and the IPSO Alliances.


Open Smart Grid 

Presentation Title


Job Position

Manager IT communications and infrastructure services, Duke Energy 
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