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UCAIug > Meetings > UCAIug 2011 Summit > UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders > William R Cloutier Jr  

UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders: William R Cloutier Jr


William R Cloutier Jr 


William R Cloutier Jr 


William R Cloutier Jr 


Bill is Manager of Smart Grid Interoperability Standards at DTE Energy located in Detroit, Michigan.  His responsibilities include leading the coordination of Smart Grid Standards development and compliance for DTE Energy.  Bill has 30 years of broad based electric utility experience with DTE Energy.  He has held several engineering and leadership positions in Customer Service, Distribution Operations, Information Technology, Distribution Engineering and Nuclear Generation.  Bill holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University and is a certified Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt.  Bill serves as Chairman of the EPRI Intelligrid Steering Committee, Co-Chairman of the Codes and Standards Committee of the Michigan Public Service Commission's Smart Grid Collaborative, Chairman of the Itron User Advisory Board, Detroit Edison voting member on the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel and is a member of the UCAIug OpenSG Technical Committee. 


Open Smart Grid 

Presentation Title


Job Position

Manager of Smart Grid Interoperability Standards at DTE Energy 
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