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UCAIug > Meetings > UCAIug 2011 Summit > UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders > Erich Gunther  

UCAIug 2011 Summit Presenters and Leaders: Erich Gunther


Erich Gunther 


Erich Gunther 


Erich Gunther 


Erich W. Gunther is the Chairman, Chief Technology Officer, and co-founder of EnerNex® Corporation in Knoxville, Tennessee where he helps EnerNex clients define their strategic direction in basic R&D, technology, and product development. Gunther has years of experience in design and development of innovative solutions to a wide array of power system problems, most notably ways to take advantage of communications networks and technology to improve the efficiency, operating practices, and security of the electric power system. He is presently consulting with the California Energy Commission and Southern California Edison on matters related to the development of a widely deployed advanced metering and demand responsive infrastructure in California. Erich is also working with the Tennessee Valley Authority on developing security policy for their new PowerWAN SCADA network architecture. Erich is presently the lead consultant implementing IntelliGrid (a public-private partnership dedicated to bringing the U.S. energy system into the 21st century) demonstration projects, providing coordination between IntelliGrid and other organizations, and implementing general IntelliGrid technology transfer activities. Erich was appointed in 2004 to the DOE GridWise Architecture Council - a focused team of experts assembled to articulate the guiding principles that constitute the architecture of a future, intelligent, transactive, energy system.



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