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Vendor Demonstrations: Power Info


Power Info 


Power Info 

Table Description

Power Info will present CIMSpy Enterprise Edition (CIMSpy EE), a CIM-based model exploratory tool designed to address the emerging model exchange and information sharing requirements in the power industry. Built upon Common Information Model (CIM) and its related IEC standards, CIMSpy EE provides a suite of comprehensive data engineering functions and rich user experience to help you understand and analyze your CIM-based power system models.  Users can load reality-based CIM/XML files into the tool and perform a variety of data engineering functionalities, including model browsing, visualization, validation, editing, comparison, merging/partitioning, and incremental update. In May 2011, US Department of Energy (DOE) awarded Power Info an innovation grant in support of the continuous research on data-driven visualization of power grid, one of the key features of CIMSpy EE.

Vendor Contact

Jun Zhu 

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