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UCAIug > Meetings > CIGRE 2014 > CIGRE 2014 Booth Theme > View Response #9  

CIGRE 2014 Booth Theme: View Response #9

Please indicate all of the areas below that you would be interested in seeing in the 2014 Booth...Note our goal must be to demonstrate what is working well...

PRP/HSR; IEC61850 edition 2; Testing; ENTSOE [separate area?]; SCL (one of the Munich IOP issues); Interoperability between tools 

Additional Ideas your company might have


What are your customers asking for that might fit into a booth demo


Is your company interested in participating in the UCAIug 2014 CIGRE booth?



The formally organized demos increase the cost to participate. However, I still think that an interoperability demo can be done. In the past we have done "ad-hoc" demos. Network vendors would bring switches, would run a cable to each pod. Participants would bring what they want and make connections to the other participants as they could or just demo what they wanted. Groups of participants also self-organized demos among themselves. That is how it worked in 2006. It worked good too. If something didn't work it wasn't demoed.

I think IEC 61850 works pretty good overall and we don't need a big elaborate plan to put an interoperability demo together.

Your company contact for the 2014 CIGRE booth discussions

Ralph Mackiewicz
Created at 3/21/2014 1:02 PM  by Ralph Mackiewicz 
Last modified at 3/21/2014 1:02 PM  by Ralph Mackiewicz