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2012 Summit Presenters: Nigel Hargreaves


Nigel Hargreaves 






Nigel Hargreaves obtained his MSc. In Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability from Brunel University, London in 2008, and his BSc. in Air Transport Engineering from the City University, London in 1981. He is currently studying for his PhD. in Electrical Engineering while working within the Control Strategy Development team at National Grid. His area of interest is Enterprise Information Modeling and Management for Smart Grid applications.

Previously, Nigel has worked as an aircraft engineer, undertaken voluntary technical aid work in Bangladesh and Sudan, and was a homeopath (doctor of alternative medicine) for some years. His interest in sustainable energy was initiated by working on solar thermal, PV and Stirling engine installations leading him to return to university for further study.



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Smart Grid Interoperability Use Cases for Extending Electricity Storage Modeling within the IEC 
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