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DTECH 2009


UCAIug Activities at DistribuTECH 2009, February 2 – 5, 2009

San Diego Convention Center · San Diego, California

Monday, Feb 2

8 AM – 5 PM

UU#305 – "Using the IEC 61850 Standard for Communication Networks and

Systems in Substations" Full day seminar taught by the editors of IEC 61850

5:30 – 8 PM
hors d’oeuvres
served at
5:00 PM
Room # 30

Joint Meeting of UCAIug with DNP Users Group
      UCAIug Presentations include:
          UCAIug Update – Kay Clinard, UCAIug

         “Operational Experience from IEC 61850 Process Bus at American Electric

         Power" By David McGinn - GE
          “Developing IEC61850  and CIM Compliant Functional Requirements and

        Use Cases for a Demand Response Management System (DRMS)”,

        Kay Stefferud - Lockheed Martin IS&GS    

Tuesday,  Feb 3

IEC 61850 Related

1:00 PM

Standards are our Friends - Paper SESSION Room 28E

3:00 PM

Mining Enterprise Data to Benefit Utility Operations - Paper SESSION, Room 25C.

All Day

UCAIug Booth # 447 - Drop by meet Fred, and have your Avitar picture taken

Wednesday, Feb 4

IEC61850 Related

9:30 AM

Gain from our Experience: Case Studies in Planning and Implementing Modern Technologies - Paper SESSION Room 28E

2:30 PM

Substation Automation in Real Life - Paper SESSION Room 28E

CIM Related

2:30 PM

Innovative Transmission Asset Management – Improving Your Performance - Paper SESSION Room 24B

CIM and OpenSG Related

2:30 PM

AMI Integration Into the Enterprise - Managing the Fire Hose of Data Panel SESSION  Room 25C

CIM, IEC 61850 and OpenSG Related

9:30 AM

A Global Perspective on Smart Grid - Paper SESSION Room 24A

All Day

UCAIug Booth # 447 - Drop by, meet Fred, and have your Avitar picture taken

Thursday, Feb 5

CIM and IEC 61850

10:00 AM

What is the Condition of Your Asset Information? Is It Ready for Integration?- Paper SESSION Room 25C

IEC61850 Related

10:00 AM

Pros and Cons of IP-Based Substation Networks - Panel SESSION, Room 28E

All Day

UCAIug Booth # 447 - Drop by, meet Fred, and have your Avitar picture taken