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UCAIug > About UCAIug > Org Chart Descriptions > CIMug (CIM Sub Committee)  

Org Chart Descriptions: CIMug (CIM Sub Committee)


CIMug (CIM Sub Committee) 


The CIM Technical Subcommittee is responsible for handling all technical and maintenance issues concerning the CIM and related standards. Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate a forum for all CIM users by fielding all requests for information regarding the CIM and related standards
     o Handle requests for information and provide response or assign to proper person/task force/group to prepare response. 
  • Manage the CIM issues process

o Compile and categorize issues
o Develop proposed resolutions
o Obtain agreement on resolutions from CIM Technical Subcommittee and IEC TC57 WG 13 and 14.

  • Provide version management of the CIM UML model as well as derived files in other formats (e.g., XML, RDF, etc.)
  • Maintain oversight of support tools for the CIM and related standards

o Tools for generation of CIM RDF and XML schema
o Tools for compliance testing and validation of files/products for conformance to the standards
o Test suites for interoperability testing

  • Provide oversight of Web site to ensure objectives of CIM Technical Subcommittee are met
  • Maintain repositories for:
    • User experiences to facilitate sharing of lessons learned 
    • Artifacts produced by individual projects implementing the CIM and related standards, such as private CIM extensions, message payload definitions, tools, and training materials
    • Sample CIM/XML/RDF power system model files
    • White papers and other papers/presentations
    • References for CIM standards
    • References for tutorial material on modeling, XML, semantic models, etc.
  • Provide liaison with other UCAIug Technical Subcommittees
  • Provide liaison with other standards groups and assessing impact of other standards on the form, scope and content of the CIM.
    o For each standards group, a responsible person to communicate with that group is identified. A member of the committee can represent more than one recognized group.
    o Determine if proposed changes to CIM need to have concurrence from other standards groups. Communicate with other standards groups for
    resolution of issues.
    o Obtain answers to questions about other standards
    • Research methods and tools used by other standards groups and determine
      adaptability to maintain CIM
    • Conduct teleconferences to discuss technical issues and resolutions
    • Meet at least once/year or more if work warrants additional meetings
    • Charter special purpose task forces to facilitate resolution of issues, development of
      test suites, etc.
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Last modified at 9/25/2008 3:18 PM  by fred testfrog