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UCAIug > Meetings > CIGRE 2014 > IEC 61850 interoperability demo content  

IEC 61850 interoperability demo content

Please indicate what you are planning to demonstrate in the IEC 61850 interoperability demonstration?
Picture Placeholder: marijn.flohil
What are you planning to show in the IEC 61850 interoperability demonstration?
Currently, participants have indicated that they want to demonstrate:

  • Triangle MicroWorks :

  • Our demonstrations would focus on testing the interoperability of Clients and Servers including Edition 2 services.  We would demo a new feature in our tools, based on issues found during the Munich IOP, which checks SCL files for consistency and completeness against the IEC 61850 spec.  Finally, we can demonstrate testing system level interoperability by simulating hundreds of server devices connected to a client.  This demonstration would include other vendors’ devices connected over the network in the booth.

  • SISCO:

  • SISCO would like to be able to illustrate both SCL and ACSI interoperability with other participating companies.

    We will also bring some products to demonstrate integration of IEC 61850 with a CIM model and would be interested in demonstrating exchange of model files if there are any other CIM participants.

  • Nari relays:

  • NR Electric can provide merge unit for processbus interoperation if necessary.   For interoperation topic, we propose GOOSE and 9-2LE on process bus. we intend bring protection relays as well.

  • DNV GL:

  • DNV GL would like to demonstrate interoperability testing for IEC 61850 edition 2.